Services Provided

Kernow coring is a fully insured, trained, and reliable company. We can carry out builders holes and slots for services, remove mass concrete & stonework, cut out openings in walls and floor slabs, Stitch drilling, Diamond Chasing.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling/Coring is probably one of the quickest and most reliable ways of creating an opening in a wide variety of materials, including brick, stone, granite reinforced concrete & blockwork. This could be to run pipework, ducting or services, remove a large mass or create an opening. The main reason we use this type of technology especially in reinforced concrete is steel. The diamond segment tipped barrels/drill bits can make easy work of this type of reinforement. There are many types of applications for diamond drilling/coring. We can carry out drilling works from 10mm to 1 meter, horizontally or vertically at any angle required & stitch drilling to any size required. This type of drilling/coring can be carried out under strict conditions to elliminate dust, it is also possible to contain water by the means of (water control)



Hand Cutting & Sawing

Cut off & ring Saw

Hand sawing is commonly used for cutting out openings in concrete, block work, brick & stone and is a godsend when uneven surfaces are present. We usually use this type of equipment for doorways and windows however this equipment is light and mobile & can be used for a multitude of works, with a cutting depth of 260mm (ring saw) its becoming more popular as technology progresses. All hand sawing opperations use water to suppress dust which can be controlled.


Service Slots & Builders Holes

This is one of the most popular works undertaken by our diamond drilling team. Every project needs services & pipework. We can efficiently carry out any builders holes, for pipework & service slots for cable trays, trunking & ventalation. Our technicians can work safely at height, around other trades and have pasma & ipaf qualifications. It is also possible to control both water and dust, so no matter what stage your project is at we can ensure that extra works can be carried out with no effect to exsisting equipment or finishings.


slothead WEB.jpg

Structual Strenghthening Drilling

We can drill to any depth required at a range of angles for strenghtening bars to be installed. This could be in the floor, wall or as pictured the ceiling. We can also provide an over core service for the concealment of tension fittings. This can be made good after the works are complete. This service is used to tie in structures, pin walls & to add strength.

Concrete Chasing

Chasing is the best way to add pipework, cables, conduit & barriers (radon etc) to your project. It is possible to chase in block, brick, stone and concrete. The method is a fast cost effective technique to add clean neat channels known as chases. Allcut uses the very best equipment to control dust and lower noise levels. As standard you can acheive 45mm width and 40mm depth, however it is possible to chase any size your project requires, get in touch with one of the team to discuss your options. Coupled with the service we can also cut out sockets and fittings holes. A project engineer marks it and we do the rest.


Controlled Demolition & Bursting

As a diamond drilling company, we can remove floors, walls, doorways, stitch drill openings, cut off beams, seperate parts of buildings slabs or structures from one another and all in a controlled manner, reducing dust, vibration and noise with out the need for large plant which is great for limited access projects, contact one of our team for more information.

Stitch Drilling

Stitch drilling is a highly efficient way to make large openings in walls and floor slabs or to remove large deep areas of footings or obstructive masses, especially if low vibration is required, basically stitch drilling is standard diamond drilling to any depth, overlapping each hole to form a continuous break or cut. This controlled method allows the drillers to use standard core sizes, removes the manual handling issues of large cores. Contact us for any further information.


Form Openings

Kernow coring has performed hundreds of openings and can provide a full service if required, this includes. Diamond Drilling for the padstones, shuttering for the padstones, padstone installation, support overhead, installation of lintles or catnics, Diamond cutting of the walls, breaking out and removal.

Wall & Wire Sawing

Wall sawing can be used to form openings, remove mass, straighten up old slabs, part walls or slabs from existing buildings or simply to carve items up for removal from site. The wall (track saws) are perfect for walls, floors and ceilings on more flatter surfaces. The wire saws come into their own on large awkward shaped structures as the satilite pullys can be set up where needed.