Drilling & Coring

Drilling & Coring Insight

Diamond Drilling/Coring is probably one of the quickest and most reliable ways of creating an opening in a wide variety of materials, including brick, stone, granite reinforced concrete & block work. This could be to run pipework, ducting or services, remove a large mass or create an opening. The main reason we use this type of technology especially in reinforced concrete is steel. The diamond segment tipped barrels/drill bits can make easy work of this type of reinforcement. There are many types of applications for diamond drilling/coring. We can carry out drilling works from horizontally or vertically at any angle required & stitch drilling to any size required. This type of drilling/coring can be carried out under strict conditions to eliminate dust, it is also possible to contain water by the means of (water control)  

Please see examples below.


Drainage & Angled

Angled core drilled down through a 300mm slab to connect to the drainage below on the outside of the project but also required was space in the slab above for a gully. This was carried out to the clients specification, the 110mm pipe gives you a view of the angle that can be acheived from a 300mm deep vertical core.


Padstone Cores

We have completed hundreds of these types of works, their purpose is to remove the mass in the wall where the lintle or steel will be seated. Once cored the mass is removed, the holes facia will be squared off, a shutter will be installed so the padstone can be poured, this image displays a set of 225mm diameter holes with overlap to create a 420mm x 200mm x 600mm padstone


Exploratory Cores/Drilling

This is one of the most common types of cores we carry out when a client needs to find out the make up of a structure, to locate a void or in this case link into a service, this can be vital if you need to work out the different layers, stability or integral condition. As you can see by this picture there are 3 different types of materials in this one hole.


Large Diameter/Stitch Drilling

These types of works are perfect if you need to create an opening for large duct work or pipework. This particular opening was 1000mm diameter, at height through a 1500mm thick brick railway arch. The importance of this type of coring called (stitch drilling) is that, yes it is possible to core a hole of this size in one go but to remove the mass reqiures, (manual handling), clear access space above for (lifting operations),  more (poweful equipment) including hydraulic packs etc & a very expensive custom made core bit, all this is elliminated by using standard equipment and cores which are easy to handle, use and are light enough for one driller to remove and clear. See our STITCH DRILLING section for full info or contact us to speak to one of our skilled team.


Over Coring

Overcoring is a means to remove old fittings, tube, studs & can be carried out within a few mm of the diameter of the fitting if required. Overcoring can also be used to repair or connect to a pipe or service etc. As you can see our clients pipe work had been damage to floor level and they required us to core through the slab so the plumbers could remove this section of pipe and repair at the lower connection. This is only an example, we have carried out a large number of over coring works , many to remove old fixinigs, railing posts and road barriers, this can be quick, clean and fixings can be replaced with minimal disturbance.


Riser Works

Over the years we have completed many riser works on some very tall city projects. We have devised our own method of coring these works with incredible precision, thanks to using modern technology it is possible to get the tollerence down to a few mm per floor.


Services Coring (Builders holes)

This is by far one of the most important areas of works we carry out. We understand that modern buildings need risers, ducting and pipework & just how important it is to be able to carry out these works safely around other trades. This includes working at height with full exclusion zones, a man on the ground at all times, dust and noise suppression and speed, we know your project is probably being held up until we can supply you with a hole or slot. Our work is always neat, safe and precise so minimal making good is required. This image displays above and below shots and was for a large tray type riser.


Mass Concrete

Many projects, well all projects seem to have that hidden problem. This particular client needed to run services to an idustrial unit but after cutting and breaking out the floor came across this mass concrete footing in the ground. They tried to break it out with machines but the vibrations were causing an issue. They called us and we just drilled straight through.


Countersunk & Stepped Cores

Stepped cores are incredably important if you need two sizes of cores inside one another. This could be for a pipe fitting or a 300mm diameter water gully with a 110mm drain off pipe. This particular client didn't have the correct fall so we managed to create it by lowering the collar of the pipe into the slab but retained the smaller diameter of the pipe as required.


Deep Drilling

One of the biggest advantages with diamond drilling & coring is the fact that we can drill as deep as your project needs, by adding on longer barrels and extentions. This image is of a drainage core going out of the building through 1400mm footings. The client then dug down on outside perimeter to connect to the services manhole. No matter how impossible it looks we've already done it and have the equipment and experience to push your project forward.


Remedial Drilling Works

As a concrete cutting company we can carry out any type of remidial works for your project. In this case our client asked us how they were going to correct a formwork drainage issue, two 300mm cores, a bit of cutting and breaking later, the problem was corrected.

We hope this has given you an insight to what diamond drilling (coring) is all about, the possiblities are pretty much endless and its probably one of the best ways to correct a multitude of issues that arrise on site. Dont hesitate to contact one of our team if you have an issue thats holding up your project.