Services slots & Builders Holes

This is one of the most popular works undertaken by a diamond driller. Every project needs services & pipework. We can efficiently carry out any builders holes, for pipework & service slots for cable trays, trunking & ventilation. We can work safely at height, around other trades and have pasma & ipaf qualifications. It is also possible to control both water and dust, so no matter what stage your project is at we can ensure that extra works can be carried out with no effect to existing equipment or finishings,

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Services slots

An extremely quick and effective way to continue cable trays, trunking & ventilation through walls, floors & ceilings. These works can be carried out quickly & in a controlled manner.


Riser Works

These particular riser works were carried out for a apartment building in a tight cupboard, you can just about see the water control below protecting the plasterboard on the lower floor. The services tray was then installed and carried everything from water to communications. So if you need anything from a few holes to a stitch drilled riser slot, give us a call.


Builders Holes

Whether your project needs a water pipe routed through the whole building or a single hole put through a manhole, get in touch with one of our team we are more than happy to arrange out of hours services to fit in with the running of your job.


Drainage & Mobile Holes

Our diamond drilling team have all the equipment needed to carry out self contained works in remote locations, this includes generators and pumps so if you need a hole in the middle of a field with no services we can send you a mobile unit.