Controlled Demolition

As a diamond drilling company, we can remove floors, walls, doorways, stitch drill openings, cut off beams, seperate parts of buildings slabs or structures from one another and all in a controlled manner, reducing dust, vibration and noise with out the need for large plant which is great for limited access projects, contact one of our team for more information.


Hydraluic Bursting

Bursting is a safe, quiet and efficient way of weakening or demolishing large structures, these can be concrete, stone, block or brick. This method uses hydraulic bursters, firstly holes are drilled by means of percussion or diamond core bits. After the holes are formed the burster head is inserted and hydraulic pressure is used to expand the burster head. This will crack the structure so the pieces are easy to remove. Not only is this method quiet it is also vibration free so is perfect for concrete removal applications where safety, precision & noise control is required.